Can 5 gallon buckets be stacked?

Can you stack 5 gallon buckets (food grade with gamma lids) on top of each other? So buckets are heavier (rice) and some are lighter (freeze dried fruits). 

If not, any suggestions on how to store multiple buckets so that they don’t take up a ton of space? 



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      Yes, but don’t go higher than  stacks of three (stacks of two would be better if you have enough floor space) and of course put the lighter buckets on top if possible.

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        Claire – Stacks of 2 or 3 pails are fine.  Be sure to label the pails with the contents.  Long term, I find a vinyl pressure sensitive label sticks better and withstands humidity better than a paper label.  Also, use a large font when labeling the pails because in a deployment scenario it will be easier to read.  Lastly, assume you may not be the only person needing to carry the buckets or food.  Adjust the fill weight accordingly.