How to prevent brown sugar from clumping so it can be used in a shaker bottle

ok, so I’m trying to learn what I need to do to dark brown sugar to make it not clump up when I put it in with other ingredients to shaker for a rub. I bought a pourable brown sugar but it sucked. I want to use regular dark brown sugar. What do I do?



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      The trick with brown sugar is having it in an air tight container. Don’t put it in a 5 gallon bucket because once you lower your supply there will be a large portion of air in the bucket. You want to avoid air because the molasses evaporates and leaves behind hardened sugar. So keep in as small of a container as you can that is air tight.

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      I edited the title to hopefully make the point of the post clearer for other people. You’re welcome to edit it more.

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      We place a few mini marshmallows in with our brown sugar, it keeps it nice and granular. And what Olly said keep your container air tight.

      You totally can put a few marshmallows in with your shaker bottle and still be able to use it and keep everything from drying out.

      Best of luck to ya! If I’m in the neighborhood I’m coming over for some BBQ with that rub