Broadcastify – listen to police and emergency scanners

A seperate thread about emergency notifications reminded me how useful Broadcastify.com can be.  For those unfamiliar, it’s a website that streams police and emergency scanners.  It doesn’t always work great, but I often tune in when I hear sirens in my neighborhood.  I doubt it’s as good or reliable as an actual police scanner, but it’s free and can be accessed with a smartphone.  It’s an information source that is worth bookmarking…



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      Thanks for posting this resource! Broadcastify also has local ham radio repeaters on top of the police and emergency scanners that matthew mentioned above. I used it in the past to listen to my local ham radio nets when I didn’t feel like sitting out in the cold with my radio or if I was traveling out of state.

      They also have an IOS and Android app for your phone.

      Broadcastify would be especially interesting and valuable to listen to during a natural disaster, because the chatter on there would be alot more frequent.