Brit article on Brit preppers

[Edit of article link by Gideon:] https://todayuknews.com/uk-news/uk-preppers-always-ready-for-armageddon-dismissed-as-paranoid-then-covid-hit/

Good morning,

Per title, article tells of more acceptance of prepping after BREXIT.

Article mentions Mathias, West Virginia.  This place next to Virginia and just north of George Washington National Forest.  Since the forest is Federal land, it can be readily packed with Fed LEOs.  The mentioned 50 cal machine gun is something “frowned upon”.

Reminder to forum members of the American upstart colonies: “torch” means in American English “flashlight”.


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      Sadly I think the page has changed, Bob. Story is now all about Strictly. 🙂

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        Good morning Jenny, Bill and Lonewolf,

        Am trying again to link correct article.

        Hope above is it.  Otherwise, it’s been moved. This isn’t unique to UK.

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        Why oh why oh why does the UK media keep focusing on the same tiny fraction of attention seeking preppers.   They are a good number of preppers, off gridders, homesteaders, etc in the UK but the media keeps going to the same small unrepresentative greoup time after time.

        One thing perculiar to the UK is a lot of people who we would identify as “preppers”  do not identify themselves that way.

        Many refer to themselves as homesteaders, others as living the sustainable green lifestyle, other are just people living in remote areas who HAVE to prep just to function normally, especially those living on the smaller UK islands.  Eco dwellers or Off gridders who choose to live as self sufficient and self sustaining as possible quite simply because they enjoy that lifstyle.

        Even many of Scotland and Wales hill farmers and crofters fit the prepper description perfectly because of how and where they live, because it makes SENSE not because of anything else.

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        if you’re a FULL & DEDICATED prepper to the lifestyle – there’s specifics that don’t crossover into the other lifestyle that have some similar aspects ..

        a great deal is mindset – there’s off gridders & homesteaders that won’t last thru Day 1 of a serious SHTF ……..

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        Very true IW

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      I dont think Strickly come Dancing is prepping Bob 🙂

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      Dan Walker leaving Strictly has nothing to do with prepping or Brexit.