Any eyewitnesses on scene in Portland, Louisville, and other hot zones?

I’m just curious if any of our readers have been near the civil unrest in Portland, OR or any of the other hot spots. I’d love to hear first-person accounts of what’s happening in these places because I get the sense that we don’t get the full picture in the mainstream media.


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      I’m in Minneapolis, which Kelsey, a contributor here, wrote a bit about at the height of our protests. The experience here varied considerably, even by block, and I expect that’s the same in other places, too. We’ve had some continuing demonstrations but not at all on the scale of Portland or other cities. So I could speak somewhat to my experience here but it’s not really “current events” anymore, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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      Have there been any credible reports of residences being targeted or damaged? Wondering what the reasoning behind considering this a “prepper” topic is.

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      I live in Portland, OR–about 1.5 miles away from the “hot zone.” Contrary to some of the media accounts, most of the city is not overrun by the so-called “hordes of anarchists and criminals.” I have yet to attend any demonstration (due to COVID-19 concerns), and as long as I stay away from the concentrated hot zone areas in downtown, I don’t notice much in my daily activities (which mostly involve working from home and walking 7-9 miles daily for exercise). The only time I walked through downtown during daytime, I did notice more boarded-up businesses and graffiti (from both sides of the political spectrum).

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        That’s a relief. It’s so easy to buy into the idea that the whole of Portland is overrun or whatever word leads to the most clicks. At any point did you consider leaving?

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        I haven’t given it any thoughts about leaving, although I’m ensuring that I know where the escape routes are, should things get worse. I’m worried about what will happen during November, though. This means it’s time to start planning ahead and anticipate supply shortages, civil unrest, and other calamities.