Annual, periodic, seasonal maintenance checklists?

I searched for this topic & didn’t see it addressed yet. Being the start of a new year, it occurred to me that I don’t really have a workable (read: simple) timeframe checklist for some basic preps. For example, I change out the water in our extra storage tank annually (when I think of it.) So I thought I’d ask you organized people to share yours!

Odd things like: how often should you charge rarely used rechargeable battery powered electronics that you have in your preps so they last a long time? Rechargeable batteries? How often do you rotate the really long term foodstuffs? Beans will last many years but become resistant to cooking/softening after a while. Start up that generator how often?….Please share!


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      I check rechargeable batteries and electronics (power banks, lanterns) at the beginning of each season, while I m making seasonal adjustments in my gear.  I consume edibles on a FIFO basis.  On canned goods, I don’t worry about best by dates.

      My seasonal  checking takes about four hours, total, spread over about three or four days.

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      The Prepared does have an article titled Annual prep reviews: Why and how that may be what you are looking for.

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        Ah, thanks! My search words failed to find this, and I was surprised you didn’t have something on site like it already “prepared.” 😉 Will check it out!

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      It’s funny, one of the first thoughts I had in the new year was “When was the last time I backed up my computer???”. I need to get into a better habit of doing that periodically along with checking other preps. 

      One more new years resolution to add to the list.