Americans today Sept 11 2021


Just thinking about you lot across the pond today.


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      That is very kind of you Bill.

      May I ask of everyone to share how the events of September 11, 2001 have changed or influenced how they prepare? 

      Here are two examples that I’ve seen on the site that stood out to me:

      I personally was young at that time and remember seeing it on the news, but it didn’t mean as much to me as it does for those of you who were adults at the time. But as I have grown up and learned more of that day, I have taken the lessons that can be learned from that event and allowed it to change how I prepare and think. I know that even in America, a nation and even the world can be rocked by the decision of a small few. 

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        911 was an awakening for many, a realisation that NO ONE No place and No where was (or is) safe from extremism of any flavour, I saw very quickly how Urban Prepping went from being a fringe of prepping to becoming essential over night.  following 7/7 in London, the Madrid Spain attack, the multiple attacks in places like Paris, Berlin, Oslo , Bali, Mumbai etc. The Beslan school massacre etc changed how my family operated  or simply lived.

        I saw relatives who used to mock me about prepping openly beg me to help them improve their home / commute and workplace preps.

        No more trips to large cities, ABSOLUTELY NO PUBLIC TRANSPORT,  changed travel and work practices,  no visits to large venues, Large Malls etc became (and remain) no go areas for my family.  We also increased the inter family messaging system that allowed us to phone, message or text other family members with a two word message.  Upon recipt of the message every family member knew exactly what to do, where to go etc, WITHOUT QUESTION.

        By the time of the fourth or fifth atrocity across the western world, we saw massive changes in how many people lived.  City workers now carried extra items with them or stored them at work.

        Flat walking shoes, escape masks, bottled water, maps, gloves and head coverings, FAKS, minature AM /FM radios etc.

        Everyone became EXTREMELY aware of everyone around them in an efort to be more situationally aware and ready to react. I required all family members to become intimately familiar with every possible exit from any building or structure they worked in.  Our smug complaceny about life and the world changed forever on 911 ( and changed again with Covid)

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        Good morning Gideon,

        In reply;

        To me 9-11 of 20 years ago was anticipated.  My preparations did not need adjustment for whereever I was.

        In 1993, this same WTC building complex had an attempted sabotage in a parking area. Under what perhaps is now called “Too big to fail” the remedial suggestions were not accepted.  Some security-conscious commanies like ZIMCO moved out of the WTC complex.

        Even before, in 1990, students of COIN – Counter insurgency operations knew about the “famous” … “flamboyant” Rabbi Meir Kahana (spell ?) and his assassination.  This event’s taxi driver had some relation to the later WTC matters. I’m getting old and losing some cognitive ability … the processing of info for knowledge – President Reagan went through this.  Worth studying. Believe from this fading memory that the taxi driver was in carge of North American intel operations for Iraq or one other of those oil-producing countries.

        SIDEBAR: Bill, thank you for getting 9-11 started here. Many neglect the uncomfortable.  I do not use elevators ever and avoid buildings to the max.

        Do you have any personal familarity on shelf-life, use in field conditions in re Trioxane fuel tablets, Hexamine fuel tablets ? I’m getting ready for what I don’t want to get ready for, No choice.

        “Never complain and never explain.” Benjamin Disraeli

        Thanks in advance.

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        HEXY tablets in original packaging lasts decades, used  them in the army, many were 30 years old. For a simple thing like heating a single food item you use one tablet, if you need to heat the food up quicker you break the tablet up into multiple smaller pieces that burn quicker and hotter.

        YOU NEVER USE THEM INDOORS, THE FUMES ARE HIGHLY TOXIC or in enclosed tents, sheds etc

        Most folks are better off and safer and more convenient using those budget butane gas stoves, they still need ventilation though.


        In the UK you used to be able to buy canned meals called HOT CANS, basically two cans one inside the other, when you open the outer it starts a chemical reaction that heats up the inner can containing the food.




        Amazon US link


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        Most appreciative Bill.  Thank you.

        My only need for Hexy tabs is to make coffee or espresso when in infantry evac mode. Food consists of a 16 oz plastic container of tree nuts (A+ for prostrate maintenance).  Occassionally will carry a thin can of kippers for consumption w/o cooking.

        I – think – I saw HOT CANS in Hong Kong. Believe this technology is used in some of the US MREs. Must avoid since can’t carry in a boat or acft.

        Had tried MREs in Hungary when a NATO contractor with IFOR. Tried pound cake comma vanilla. Thought is was a piece of white bread soaked in Mario Andretti’s STP motor oil additive.