Altoids First Aid Kit

I’ve been making up some kits lately and thought I would share. 

Here’s my Altoids first aid kit (including packing order):

Moleskin, Pre-cut and Shaped Pieces (1)
Bandage, Gauze 2”x2” (1)
Alcohol wipes (2)
Bandage, Knuckle (1)
Bandage, 1”x3” (2)
Bandage, Butterfly (2)
Sting relief wipe (1)
Triple antibiotic ointment (1)
Ibuprofen 200 mg (2)
Benadryl 25 mg (2)
Glue, super (1)
Tweezers (1)


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      I think some emergency eye rinse or saline would be a great addition, if you can find one in a small enough bottle to fit.  Or even just eyedrops, which are easier to find in a deminutive size. 

      Someone getting something in their eye is one of the worst and most urgent of the “minor” medical emergencies one is likely to encounter. 

      If necessary for space, I would even prioritize eye rinse over the antibiotic ointment, just due to the urgent nature of getting something like sand out of an eye before it does permanent damage.  Antibiotic ointment could be left behind in a larger car/camp/home first aid kit if necessary, since it doesn’t have to be used the moment an injury occurs to be effective.  

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      I have an Altoids first aid kit similar to yours, it fits great in my purse or camelback for hiking. We get OTC meds in the single dose packs, so I’m able to add some anti-diarrhea pills.