Abdominal Pain

PIC OF PERSON BELLY WITH STAPLES Abdominal pain is one of the hardest things to diagnose with a patient. We don’t have a magic window into the abdomen
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      What about Antibiotics in case of appendicitis? I know a famous mountain climber who survived in a situation where he could not be evacuated by taking antibiotics to slow down the infection until he could get to professional medical care (but he had the chance to talk to medics who did the diagnosis – something which may not always be possible).

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        Good question.

        Short answer… it may depend.

        Some antibiotics may help, some may not do anything at all, some may complicate things.  The “guts” in the abdomen may have a chain reaction that may help or hinder the appendicitis.  
        You may end up slowing or preventing infection for now, but then run into trouble later on down the road.  

        For every action there is a reaction.  😉  

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        Thank you again for the answer. Like always, things are complicated 😉

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      One thing to add about appendicitis is it’s extremely similar to constipation or general cramps with one big exception. The pain increases when you press on the area. constipation or general cramps don’t do that. 

      At least that was the symptom that signaled to me what it was. I was in surgery a couple hours later. 

      I’m sure there are other signs associated with an infection but the pain from pressing was the big signal in my case.