A quick workout to warm you up

Just a quick tip that I wanted to share:

I had a smoothie for breakfast today and they always make me so cold afterwards. A quick workout is the perfect solution to warm me up. 

After stretching, do some squats, jumping jacks, push ups, or lift weights. In less than three minutes I was toasty warm and feeling strong and loose for the day. 

Try and target the larger muscles for maximum heat generation. Quads and biceps are good ones. To warm up hands and feet, swing your arms in the air like a windmill or kick your legs out to force warm blood to the tips of your extremities. 

We may not always have access to more clothing or a space heater, but we have an incredible heater inside of us and just need to know how to turn it on. This is a great prepping tip for when you are camping or bugging out and are away from home.


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      To add to this, I like chopping wood to warm myself up. I found it the most productive means to get warm and get stuff done.

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        Chopping wood is hard work and you quickly will take your coat off on a crisp autumn afternoon. It’s also quite therapeutic mentally.

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        So true. I find I do my best wood chopping when I have plenty of emotion flowing through me.