A British prepper supply store


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Above article is about a prepper store.

Article has link to this store named “Prepper Shop UK”, owned and managed by Lincoln Miles.

At the store link’s section titled “Urban Essentials”, I have a copy of the Field Manual “First Aid For Soldiers”. This FM is somewhat outdated.  The best book IMO featured is prepper medical care is Dr William Forgery, M.D.’s “The Prepper Medical Handbook”. Might still have a copy here. Of course, regardless of my opinion, Dr Forgery’s book is also somewhat outdated when focused to the current US medical scene.

I take due note that the Brit’s 50 cal ammo cans feature the newer HAZMAT label with number. This replaces the older “class C” label for small arms ammo (In US the 50 cal is still “small arms”).

I do recommend Lincoln Miles get some fire extinguishers for his inventories.

The prices appear to be real good.  


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      Personally I never use these sorts of businesses, I prefer to research and identify the best product to meet my needs then shop about MULTIPLE venders to find what I need.  I never buy everything in one place to ensure that getting a bad batch of something is minimised.

      EG LI Batteries I keep roughly 50 of AAA, AA and CR 123A , but I will buy  then in batches of 10 or twenty at different times and different vendors.   Or say tins of soup I’ll buy from assorted different stores on different dates.

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      That would be a fun business to run and having all that gear to try out and have accessible if there was an emergency. 

      When looking through the article, the can of 30 hot dogs caught my eye. I haven’t seen that before.


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      I’ve had a look at this store before, and believe me, I’ve tried to spend money there, only trouble is, I can’t seem to find anything relevant. Maybe it’s one of those stores you need to visit in person.

      This shop is much better and I have used it several times, always had great service. 

      Evaq8 storefront

      Prices are hit and miss, some things are very good value, other items not so much. 

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        Before Brexit there was a good company in Germany where I used to get tinned bread, tinned butter etc, Can i heck remember its name.

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        Ask and ye shall receive Bill. They now have a UK online shop.

        Conserva de

        and thanks, had I not looked the link I may never have known myself!

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        Thats them, I have not ordered since Brexit, but their stuff is vastly superior to much of the junk marketed as survival food stocks, it aint cheap but its very high quality.

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        That conserva site looks to have a good selection of quality food. Has anyone tried their compact energy bars? Do they taste like lifeboat rations but with better flavoring like chocolate or peanut?

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        Good evening Jenny,

        Sometimes the “survival gear” stores just don’t work for many. I usually do not use them. My reliance is on industrial products like suppliers of offshore oil rigs, ship chandlers. A private sector prepper can’t really use the industry sources unless knowing how to “work” the system otherwise the costs require an account at the central bank !

        Just went through linked Evaq8 store site. Like the US survival gear stores it tries to cover the entire customer base and this typically doesn’t happen. I did appreciate reading their UK modern slavery statement.  It’s slowly starting here. 

        I did like reading the Evaq*’s forward type of thinking. Although not a legal requirement, for a private citizen vehicle “prudent to carry a small fire extinguisher…” .

        As an aside, my best medical guide book I use for both sheltering in place and the info for evacuations and arriving into the unknown is:

        the reprinted as of 1973 version of THE SHIP CAPTAIN’S MEDICAL GUIDE, Her Majesty’s Stationery Office, London.  It was first published in 1929 and pictures are still used from the original 1929 book. Book is better than the military manuals for soldiers – at least here – and not the advanced stuff that senior paramedics and EMTs get into.


        I posted the thread starting this discussion. I’m using this piece of cyber parchment here to again emphasize the value of belonging to a small group.  Otherwise the geat and pubs gets expensive. My version of the above book was given to me by a group member.

        FOOT NOTE: the current USN medical manuals sometimes carries info on sea snakes and their bite treatment. Historically here, snakes were land creatures and not showing up at sea. OK, we’re slow learners but catching up.

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        Same here Bob. I often find myself trawling the interweb looking for *something* that will do what I need. I know what I want it to do and what it should look like, but often I am simply scuppered because I do not know it’s proper name. 

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      Hola Bob!

      I’m glad to hear that the British have someone closer to home to turn to when it comes to forming contingencies.