Save 50% preordering the new Water Essentials video course

Today we’re launching the preview video and 50%-off preorders for the upcoming course on water preparedness and survival — get it for $24 instead of $49 when released in a few weeks (with money-back guarantee if you don’t like it!)

Similar in-person lessons cost hundreds of dollars, require travel and field time, and still won’t cover the wide range of locations and gear that this course does.

The course is meant for anyone from a total beginner up through people who already know the basics but want to learn neat tricks, such as boiling water in a disposable plastic bottle or how to make dew-catchers.

Pre-order now and be the first to know when the course launches!

Hopefully around The Prepared you’ve noticed the lack of advertisements and other scammy money-making tactics most similar sites use. But it costs a fair bit of money to create best-in-class content, build features, and keep the servers running. So our goal is to sell premium video courses that subsidize the rest of the free information and tools around TP.

It’s a great way to keep the basic critical information free for everyone while charging for the deep-dives and hands-on learning.

The first course launched last month, on knife/blade sharpening. Learn everything you need to know for only $15.

Thank you for your support! Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends — taking some time to rest and think about what you have to be grateful for is especially important in this dumpster-fire of a year.