News roundup for Tue, Jun 15, 2021

The US and France say China is having some sort of low-level but potentially serious radiation leak out of a nuclear plant in heavily populated Guangdong province. China completely denies there’s a problem. In any case, Hong Kong is not picking up any increase in ambient radiation, and this is what I’ll keep my eyes on:

People are having trouble finding propane tanks—orders may take six to eight weeks or more to fill. Restaurants using propane tanks for outside heating during the pandemic may be one of the causes.

When food prices rise significantly, conflict often follows. This happens so frequently you can use food prices as a conflict barometer:

The US has had nearly 300 mass shootings already this year. A mass shooting is defined as four or more people being shot in one incident. There were 600 mass shootings in 2020.

Can shortages are impacting tomato processing in Italy. The price of cans has risen terribly, and can suppliers are said to be failing to fulfill contracts. Ball Corporation plans to open a new aluminum beverage can plant in Pennsylvania—the beverage industry is also feeling strain from the shortage.

Watch this 9th grader save his classmate choking in the school cafeteria:

The world has over 177 million COVID cases. The world has gained 2.7 million cases in a week, which is a significant drop from previous weeks. There have been over 3.8 million deaths in total. The US has over 34.3 million cases. Over 615,000 Americans have died. The US has gained about 8,900 new cases since yesterday—as mentioned previously Florida is no longer reporting cases daily so this count is not entirely accurate. There have been 179 deaths in the US in the last day. Deaths and new cases continue to decline. India has had over 1,400 deaths in the last day and Brazil has had over 900. India gained over 62,000 cases in the last day. India’s case gain and daily deaths are still on a downtrend.

60 million doses of the Johnson and Johnson (J&J) vaccine must be destroyed because of contaminants acquired during production in the trouble-plagued Baltimore plant. This problem, coupled with previous safety-review pauses, have caused folks’ confidence in the J&J to drop significantly enough that millions of other safe doses may expire on the shelves.

Luckily, the FDA says we can extend the expiry date of the J&J vaccine:

The Delta variant is not good news, particularly for the unvaccinated:

We’re not the only folks concerned about Delta:

Novovax efficacy said to be comparable to mRNA vaccines:

Chile has vaccinated more than half of its population, but it is still having to shut down again in the face of rising case numbers. The culprit? The widespread use of the poorly-efficacious Sinovac vaccine. The Brazilian variant, now known as Gamma, has a stronghold Chile.