News roundup for Tue, Aug 10, 2021

The new IPCC report is quite dire and makes clear that very serious climate changes are already locked in—temps are likely to rise by 1.5 degrees C in the very near term. The report stresses that it’s not too late to work towards preventing even more severe global warming.

Mendocino, California is running out of water. Businesses are having to pay to bring water in by tanker to keep functioning. Drought has caused its supplying reservoir to run dry.

Federal student loan payments are suspended until next year. This is said to be the final extension of the moratorium:

In more news of bizarre supply chain issues: McDonald’s is having trouble stocking its to-go bags.

Teslas occasionally combust and burn to a crisp, and when they do they burn white hot and sometimes can’t be extinguished. It’s not a good practice to leave Teslas charging overnight unsupervised. This problem is said to be rare, but Tesla is reportedly not doing a great job of investigating these incidents.

When a hiker fainted and was injured in a national park in Utah, a Hollywood actress was among those who responded to get the hiker the help she needed.

The world has over 204 million COVID cases. The world has gained 4.5 million cases in the last week. There have been over 4.3 million deaths in total. The US has a cumulative 36.7 million cases. Over 633,000 Americans have died. The US gained 92,000 new cases yesterday. There have been 278 deaths reported in the US in the last day. The US, Iran, India, and the UK have the highest daily case gain in the world. Delta remains the dominant global variant.

Vaccinations seem to provide a protective mechanism against dementia—some more than others. Maybe this could be another good reason for folks to get their COVID jab:

There could be upstream and downstream impacts from Delta on the supply chain:

So far dexamethasone and monoclonal antibodies are the few winning drug treatments for COVID patients. Failed treatments include lopinavir/ritonavir, the infamous and much-touted hydroxychloroquine, interferon-beta, and remdesivir. Large trials of other potential treatments are underway.

The government of Australia has expanded a COVID-related border ban that is so restrictive it could prevent its citizens who live overseas from leaving if they visit. Exemptions will require an application.

Vaccinated folks from the US can travel to Canada again. Test results will also have to be furnished before crossing the border.

The US South is on fire with Delta. If Louisiana and/or Florida were countries instead of states, the US would restrict travel to them:

The Pentagon is mandating vaccines for the US military:

Courts say DeSantis can’t prevent cruise ships from asking passengers about COVID vaccine status:

The US has the largest vaccine supply and a surplus of people too disinformed and too distrustful to make proper use of it: