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News links 10-14-2019: Solar Energy Edition

Solar + storage to survive disasters, PV Magazine. “A research note by Roth Capital Partners predicts the residential storage market in the United States to grow more quickly than expected. This prediction is founded just as much in disaster mitigation as it in economic viability.”

Lithium will fuel the clean energy boom. This company may have a breakthrough, LA Times. “The geothermal plants could soon contribute to California’s war against climate change in a new way: by producing lithium, a key ingredient in batteries that power electric cars and store solar power for use after dark.”

24-Hour Solar Energy: Molten Salt Makes It Possible, and Prices Are Falling Fast, Inside Climate News. “Molten salt storage in concentrated solar power plants could meet the electricity-on-demand role of coal and gas, allowing more old, fossil fuel plants to retire.”

California’s Wildfires Are 500 Percent Larger Due to Climate Change, The Atlantic. “A new study, published this week in the journal Earth’s Future, finds that the state’s fire outbreak is real—and that it’s being driven by climate change. Since 1972, California’s annual burned area has increased more than fivefold, a trend clearly attributable to the warming climate, according to the paper.”

A Trillion Dollar Storm Looms For Earth And It’s Not A Hurricane, Forbes. “As a weather-climate scientist, I am well-versed in skepticism that people have when scientists mention possibilities that seem too extreme or are outside of a person’s level of experience. However, the projections of trillion dollar scale losses and related concerns are far from isolated.”

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