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Can a flower pot and tealight candle create enough heat to save you in a cold emergency?

We’ve been testing various prepping memes, like turning oranges into candles and using Doritos to start fires. Around this time of year we often see people share memes about using tealight candles and a terracotta pot to craft a DIY heater. So we built a couple of different versions ourselves and measured the results. Yes, you can get a surprising amount of heat from this setup. But it doesn’t work the way some think it does. The same amount of heat is coming out of the candles whether

Best security lighting for homes

Intro guide to the best types of lights to put around the outside of your home.

Where and how to buy ammunition

One-page beginner's guide shows you the best places to buy cheap ammo, how to buy ammo online, and US laws that govern buying ammunition.

Best sleeping bag

Expert review of the best sleeping bags, with options for your vehicle and go-bags.

Do latex gloves expire? What is the shelf life of medical gloves?

COVID-19 caused demand for personal protective equipment (PPE) to skyrocket, including face shields, goggles, and masks. Many people have also started regularly wearing disposable medical gloves. Now that people have stockpiled gloves at home, we’ve been asked “do medical gloves expire?” The short answer is that if you don’t notice anything odd about them, such as discoloration or a loss of elasticity, then they’re probably fine. Summary: Exposure to air, light, or heat will


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