Still shooting high even after adjusting my rifle scope

I just put a new VX-3HD scope on my AR15. I got the scope bore sighted, but my first shots at 100yds were really high. I adjusted the scope down and to my surprise, the shots were higher. Now, before someone says, I did turn the elevation knob in the correct direction. Any suggestions?


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      It doesn’t sound like your scope is tracking.  I would put your Ar-15 in a fixture or a vise so it doesn’t move and dial your elevation knob up and down. Make sure the reticle  moves down when you dial up, and up when you dial down.  Let me know when happens after you do this. 

      Leupold is a good company, but it is a mechanical device that can fail. I teach precision rifle courses and I have seen every brand, regardless of price, fail. I tell students that all scopes are garbage till proven other wise.  When it comes to scopes end users should test tracking, parallax and zero. (We can get delve into each in this thread)

      Is your scope MOA or MIL? 

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        I thank-you for your response, i ended up call leupold tech support and he talked me through the procedure. Apparently, on this model of scope, you take the elevation knob and adjust the elevation using a small wrench. At the point you have 52 clicks of elevation to work with. Once the scope is zeroed, the knob is set to zero and you are set. I will post this weekend when i try it out. 


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        Excellent! Here if you have any general questions about shooting or shooting gear. 

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        Turns out, it is a shooter head space problem,  who knew, lol.