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      Great article! I like this video a lot. It has two average non-prepping guys showing how to use a signal mirror, how to line it up, and show it working in action. I like the SOL mirror they use with it’s easy to line up circle holes. I wonder how ones with the mesh center hole would look in person.

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        If you have a compass with an attached mirror (the best kind) you also have a back up signal mirror- a good idea if you want to get the attention of someone to the North of your location…

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        That’s a great point, good compasses have mirrors on them. I wouldn’t rely on that as my main signal mirror, but a good backup for sure. I watched a survival show on tv before that simulated the scenario of your car running out of gas in the middle of the desert. The guy on the show gutted the car and used parts from it that he then brought out with him in as he went out and looked for water. He brought with him a bit of gasoline, some wires, a head light (used as a lens to light the gas with the sun), and the rear view mirror of the car to act as a signal mirror. Be resourceful and use what you have.

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      Great nugget of wisdom, per usual-thank you The Prepared. As cheesy as it was (though they got some things right), there is actually a goodish new survival/resource movie where a signal mirror comes into play…

      Maybe “The Wall” can get an asterisk in Carlotta’s list, haha.

      Full discretion-I am not John Cena. 

      John Cena_The Wall

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        Challenge accepted! *puts on film critic hat* 😉

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      For an EDC option, there is the Rothco dog tag signal mirror for $3. It is not going to be as reflective as glass or polycarbonate because it is just polished metal, and this will scratch easy banging around on your neck, but could be better than nothing. Having some dog tag silencers can help prevent scratching. Also, it is very small so will not throw as much light as a larger 3X5.