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      Have you evaluated the Spyderco Sharpmaker and, if so what is your opinion?

      As a knife semi-nerd, I find it quite useful for a working edge….

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        I’ve not used that one, but I’m sure it’s good. These kinds of gadgets can be nice for home sharpening, but in general I tend to stay away from them because I’d prefer to practice my freehand skills. If you develop your freehand skills and maintain them, then you can always use that in a situation where you don’t have access to sharpening gadgets.

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      I wanted to recommend one that isn’t listed in the article. This
      is literally the best hand held knife sharpener I have ever used (admittedly I haven’t used that many, but this one does the job incredibly well).
      $17.49 at this specialty store that has only quality products. Might
      be cheaper elsewhere, but I buy sausage making supplies from these
      folks. Also lots of things for making cured meats at this store.


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        Thank you for the recommendation! 

        I’d be interested in learning more about your sausage making and I know many others would as well. If you’re up for sharing you can teach us some tricks and how it might apply to prepping over in the forum.