Why did you start prepping?

Wanting to hear feedback from this community as to why each of you decided to start prepping?  Was it a particular situation you experienced?  A book you read?  Discussions with a family member, friend or neighbor?

For me, I had toyed with idea of prepping for multiple years and I even had a good stash of freeze dried food and a biomass stove.  Lots of camping gear.  But COVID-19 was ultimately what did it for me – seeing how quickly and easily things could truly fall apart.  It was eye opening.


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      As a knee injury laid me up in bed for weeks in High School, I watched a lot of TV. I enjoyed watching the Mythbusters, and also got into Man vs. Wild. After watching many episodes of Bear Grylls, I realized that if I had to survive in the wilderness, I was not prepared at all mentally and did not know the skills necessary to survive. This lead me to watching other survival shows, reading survival websites, and checking out survival books from the library. I made up my own little bug out ammo can full of stuff and enjoyed the hobby.

      I went off to college with my little survival ammo can, but things like friends, dating, work, and school took priority over my time and I fell out of the hobby of prepping and survival.

      I then got married and slowly got back into it. I was now in charge of providing for someone that was not just me, and I wanted to take care of her no matter what. If a disaster came, I wanted to be able to keep us alive and do my role as a man. And that lead me to where I am today! The Prepared has been a great website to teach me to prep sanely and got me into different aspects of prepping that I didn’t ever know about. It has been a great resource to keep my preps organized and growing.

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      Guess it started with Scouting where they teach you to be prepared.  As I got older, I became more concerned with society in general but especially with people’s reliance on government whenever there was a crisis… such as a hurricane.  I realized if there was a really big crisis that government couldn’t handle, there would be great unrest.  That unrest would be dangerous.  So I started storing more food & started to become more self reliant on my homestead.

      After my wife read One Second After, she told me we didn’t have enough food in storage, which was odd because she is not a prepper.  Was music to my ears so I started a many years quest to add food and garden seed into long term storage.

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      I can remember three events that impacted me.

      The first was a wildfire near my home. We didn’t have to evacuate but I was in college at the time and I remember having all my books next to the door ready to go. Those suckers were the most expensive things I owned and I’m pretty sure my nursing professors wouldn’t have cared if my books burned down – ha! 

      The second was hurricane Katrina – seeing the people stranded on their roofs, no access to clean water or medicine for days – just heartbreaking. 

      The final one was about 10 years ago. There were big wildfires in a neighboring state. The smoke had been like dense fog in my state for days (due to wind patterns). When it finally cleared I took my kiddos to the park up the street to play. We were there maybe 20 minutes when the wind shifted and suddenly it was dense smoke and ashes the size of dimes falling on us.

      Each of those events made me think “well I should _______” and it’s just grown from there.