What are you asking Santa for this year?

Christmas is coming up, and family is starting to ask me for gifts I would like. So far I am going to be asking for some Darn Tough Socks, and a Bayite Ferro Rod.

What are you hoping to get for Christmas this year that is prepping/survival/outdoors related?


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      I am asking for a wool base layer (tops and bottoms) and a good quality food vacuum sealer.  The vacuum sealer I have now is not good quality.  I definitely learned the lesson of buy once, cry once on that one!

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        That is awesome! I too would like to get some more wool clothing, as I have heard they are exceptional at things like wicking moisture, keeping you warm when wet, and antimicrobial.

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      ICOM IC-7300

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      I’m not really asking for any preps— mainly just some new clothing items to keep me warm while working from home, running, and hiking— but I am giving preps! One of the things I try to do for my mom every couple of years is go through her earthquake kit and replace or add the most crucial things and then give her a list of the other things to acquire or do over the course of the year, and we talk through all of it so she’s learning. She really appreciates it, and I usually do this in addition to getting her a couple of non-prepping things.

      My father and stepmother, on the other hand, are really flippant about preparedness. When I asked them what they had on hand for emergencies a couple of years ago, my dad said, “Alcohol,” and my stepmother yelled from another room, “And chocolate! Don’t forget the chocolate!” They live 5 miles from the trace of one of the largest and most dangerous faults in North America, on liquefaction-prone soil, and they have three dogs who will depend on them after the inevitable earthquake. So I, um, sometimes am a little less nice to them and JUST give them prepping stuff. (Since my dad doesn’t care about receiving gifts and is notoriously uncooperative about telling me what he wants/needs, I don’t feel bad about this at all.) I actually bought them a prepackaged earthquake kit a couple of years back because I was so horrified by the state of their preparedness. My thinking was, “I can upgrade the inferior items in future years, but they just need the basics immediately.” I did not anticipate being unable to access the kit or their garage in those future years to assess what they have and what they need— which of course I can’t now because of Covid. So I’m going to go back through my Amazon order history to try to forensically construct an inventory of their preps on the (probably fair) assumption that what I’ve given them is all they have.

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        That is super great that you are spreading your prepping knowledge with others and giving the gift of prep. In the past I have made homemade candles and gave those out to family during Christmas. The girls got scented candles, and the guys got unscented ones in old tin food cans for prepping.

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        “Giving the gift of prep” — I love it! And the candles are a great idea. I bet they looked really cool in those old tin cans!

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      I’m not asking for anything. Won’t get it because my extended family is living pay check to pay check. 

      However, I have made a wish list and am slowly filling it myself. 

      Just bought myself everything I need for home canning. My next big purchase is going to be a food dehydrator. 

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        That is really cool! I’ve just watched my grandma can apples when I was very young, but would love to get into it myself. Is there a lot to get to start out? What are you planning on canning?

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        I bought the presto 16 quart canner, I hear it’s a good beginner canner. Between that and all the jars and lids I’ve spent a little over $300. Not all at once so I was able to manage the cost. I just picked up the last piece I needed yesterday so I’m excited to get started next weekend. 

        I’m planning to can meats right now. My freezers are overflowing and I worry about losing power and losing hundreds of dollars in food. There is some stuff I just can’t get around storing in the freezer but I want to get most of my food to be as self stable as I can make it. 

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        That’s so great that you’re gifting yourself something so useful! About ten years ago I tried to thrift my way to a canning kit. I did not succeed. Nowadays I dream about getting a dehydrator. My friend has one and I’ve been so impressed by all the things she has prepared with it (tomato sauce for backpacking?!).

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        I currently have one that my roommate bought, but it’s this 4 in one machine. (it’s also a toaster oven and some other things ) It makes really small batches and I’m just not impressed. 

        I plan to gift myself a big one sometime next year. 

        I can’t wait to see what all I’d be able to do. 

        Maybe get some more items out of my freezers 

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      I am not expecting prepping-related gifts this year, so I am treating myself to a Fallkniven F1 knife and a Kelty Redwing 50 backpack, plus a few pairs of Darn Tough socks.

      I bought a Schrade SCHF36 to gift to a close friend that is getting into camping and prepping, however.