What are the best rubber bands?

Recently I’ve discovered the existence of ranger bands — super tough survival oriented rubber bands. But the ones available on Amazon come in variety packs that include a lot of really tiny rubber bands that might go well over a pen, but not much else. Not sure what these might before but they’re wasted on me. I did see one offer of larger ranger bands on sale, but they’re crazy expensive — something like $12 for 8 bands. I would like to get my hands on larger rubber bands that are robust but somewhat reasonably priced and reasonably sized. Any suggestions?


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      Good morning. If you purchase a bicycle inner tube, cut out the valve stem,…. you’ll have all the ranger bands you could ever require. I just recently bought a second inner tube as the first had finally been consumed (it sustained me for years). Also, as another option…ponytail hair ties. I have a couple “cards” of the black hair ties purchased at any big box store. Both are very useful. Hopefully this was helpful. Have a great day.


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      Strange – I was certain I saw a response about cutting up some kind of tube to make rubber bands…

      So what are your plans for using rubber bands? I previously thought “ranger bands” were bracelets made from paracord.

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      I bit the bullet and bought a pack of the extra large Ranger Bands; I use them to attach a tourniquet to the exterior of my IFAK and also to hold some gear together in my bag. I haven’t seen an alternative brand, personally.