Weather and pain tolerance


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Link explores whether “weather has a causal, non-linear, dynamic effect on pain tolerance”.

Seriously, it’s worth glancing at this short article.

My concern is field care. It’s easier for me to treat an injury in “comfortable” weather than the non-comfortable.


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      Interesting study. I know that my pain tolerance is generally lower during the winter months. I started to be sensitive to changes in the weather, more specifically I think it has to do with barometric pressure, after my spinal cord injury surgery. I get achy all over, am generally in more pain, and have to lay down in bed more often and give my back a rest from being upright. 

      Knowing how your body reacts during different times of the year is important to know your limitations and to be able to plan better of what you are capable of so you don’t put yourself in risk.

      Hopefully this is just something I struggle with and most of you “normal” people aren’t affected by the weather as much as I am. 

      Make sure to still get outside or supplement with Vitamin D supplements during winter months when your exposure to the sun is less as you spend less time outside. Vitamin D helps with healing and energy. Low vitamin D can lead to bone pain, muscle pain,  osteoporosis, and increase your likelihood of breaks and fractures as well. 

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        2 cervical fusions here.  I can predict a low pressure system better than the weatherman lol!

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        Glad I’m not the only one. The winters are miserable for me… I’m looking forward to summer.

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      I haven’t noticed any change in pain tolerance due to weather.  I have noticed a great change in weather tolerance due to old age.  I used to love it cold… now I hate it.  I’ve already had enough winter and am hoping for summer to come back soon.  🙂

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        Good evening Redneck,

        SIDEBAR: Happy Veterans Day !

        Well, the weather changes certainly affect my ophthalmology ailments.

        I guess  that’s why they invented the Caribbean.