Watch for bulk food container spoilage

I had purchased a large plastic container of regular mustard and stored it in my preps. 

It was opened once to put mustard into my working supply upstairs, then the lid was closed properly and stored in a cool dry environment with the rest of the preps.

I went to refill the working supply and happened to notice something about the lid from the corner of my eye. I looked and there was mould growing in the lid.

That’s when I realized that the cardboard liner inside of the lid had become a spot for mould to grow. The entire container had to be discarded.

I also had this happen with a maple syrup that was stored in my fridge. I am careful now to not let the maple syrup touch the cap of the glass container.

I now watch the underside of any lids for mould growth and note opening dates in a marker on the label of any fridge items, like jams, ketchup or other condiments.

The experience has changed how I view bulk items that are “wet” as a working supply. Although it is more costly, I have switched to smaller containers to be opened and used. A large container of a spoiled prep item is worthless.


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