Does vacuum sealing food protect against bugs and extend the expiration date?

Can I vacuum seal foods such as flour, cornmeal, rice, and expect the shelf life WITHOUT bugs getting in to the food, to last longer then the expiration date? 


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      I’m pretty new to vacuum sealing, but yeah, it should last a long time if you put the packs in a bucket so they’re dark and protected from rodents. When you suck all the air out it’ll kill any bugs inside. When you seal powders, put them in a paper bag and loosely tape it shut so the powder doesn’t get in the machine or screw up the seal.

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      Vacuum sealing food will greatly extend the shelf life of your food. Flour tends to start going bad after 6 months if stored in original paper bag on shelf. That is why many people store wheat berries which last longer and then grind it as needed. But if you vacuum seal it properly, it will extend that shelf life to 1-2 years. 

      Vacuum sealing keep new bugs (weevils) from getting into your flour, but there could be the chance that your flour has existing insect eggs already in it. Gross huh!? The best way to kill off those eggs is by freezing your flour. Buy your flour and place the entire unopened paper bag inside of your vacuum sealing bag along with a moisture absorption packet (silica gel). Suck out all the air and seal the bag. Then place the bag in your freezer for at least 4 days to kill off the little critter eggs. And if you have the room in your freezer, keep the flour in there and that will extend the life even further. 

      Mylar bags however are better than vacuum sealing long term. Plastic has micropores and oxygen and moisture will eventually seep inside. Mylar is impervious since it is a metal and will help your food last for many many years. 

      If you are only storing things for a few years, vacuum sealing is the way to go. So much easier. But if you are going for that 10-15 year mark, then I would go with some mylar bags and oxygen and moisture absorbing packets.

      Place your vacuum sealed or mylar bags in a plastic container such as a five gallon bucket to prevent pest infestations. 

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        After trying both, I’ll never go back to Mylar. It’s a pain to do, the oxygen absorbers are expensive and a pain to deal with, and it’s so easy to burn yourself. Vacuum sealing is way easier.