US inflation at 31 year high

U.S. inflation up 6.2% in October versus a year ago – the highest inflation since 1990. Inflation was up 0.9% in Oct. alone, a much higher increase than 0.4% in Sept. and 0.3% in August

These sort of figures cause preppers to look much closer at their supply and equipment levels, as well as their savings and investments.

Screenshot 2021-11-10 at 15-06-27 US October Inflation Hits Highest Rate in 31 Years


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      Good afternoon Bill,

      A good line graph by Financial Times.

      The other indexes also tell of this inflation.

      Not that I’m too busy to post here other indexes, eg PCE, in support of CPI, those of us getting gasoline and groceries have the additional index: outright annoyance with prices.