US / Canada logistics problems just got worse

On top of the queues of ships lining many US and Canadian ports the floods along the US / Canadian border (around the SUMAS BC area). We now have massive disruption to the rail freight system.

Flooding has caused enough damage in the form of washed away tracks, overturned trains etc that this major line is going to be closed for weeks, thus compounding the already crippled supply chain.


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      My Army kids just transferred from Fort Wainwright—Fairbanks to Ft Drum New York and their household goods are still somewhere in transit, no one knows where… been on the way for over a month now.

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      Heavy snowfall warnings are being issued for this weekend/early next week in northern BC and along the stretch of the Coquihalla highway that just got washed away by flooding. At the same time snow melt in lower elevations is expected to add to already overflowing rivers. It’s a mess here.