Treking staff; the pike pole


Good morning,

For those who have basic plans to evacuate from home via walking, it can be advantageous to carry a stick, cane or pole of some sort.

For my plans involving much walking – but no wilderness expedition – I have a 9 ft fiberglass fighter fighter’s pike pole. The fitting is a non-ferrous metal.

Above link has some examples.

For my situation, next to the Chesapeake Bay, weather problems involve lightning storms.  Am mentioning this because metal can be dangerous when elevated over one’s body.  Thus, aluminum shafts are “verbotten” and so too, even the non-ferrous metal tips.  

My pike pole is rigged with a sling made of an old cotton web belt and attached by wrapped 550 paracord.  

Without specific needs, a wooden pole from a hardwood tree can exceed requirements.

A couple in our preparedness group developed something noteworthy.  I forgot the actuals dims but for illustration, they  have 2 each 7 ft lengths of PVC pipe.  One is 1 inch diam and other is half inch diam.  Fitting the smaller into the larger, they drilled holes at the top and bottom.  The contraption is held together by a wing nut and bolt at both ends.  For versatility, when not walking/hiking with their treking pole(s), they can disassemble the poles yielding 4 poles for a makeshift canopy tent.  Thry, too, have paracord and web handles on their “walking sticks”.


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