Tons of great bushcrafting and survival books on HumbleBundle this month

There are a lot of well known and quality bushcraft and survival books on sale this month on HumbleBundle. The proceeds of your purchase goes to charities I believe. They are digital copies, so just be aware of that.

Some of the ones I am interested in: The Dave Canterbury bushcraft series (like the bushcrafting bible), survival hacks, first aid, home preparedness, building tiny home with recycled materials, weather 101, RX from the garden, Modern-day pioneer, improvised weaponry.

Here are pictures of some of the books you can get. There are even more!

bushcraft 1

bushcraft 2

bushcraft 3

bushcraft 4


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      Thanks for the tip! I picked up the whole set.

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      I’m going through the Survival Hacks book now. The author says to be able to come up with good survival hacks and use every day items in ways to prolong or assist in your survival, you need a innovative thinking and a knowledge of basic survival principles. Which makes sense you need to know what to hack for.

      The first tip/hack is to turn an old bike tire into a belt. I actually want one now because that would be pretty cool and would last a lifetime.

      bike tire belt

      This book looks exciting and I’m looking forward to seeing every day objects in new ways. In a survival situation, you may not have that vessel in which to boil water in and need to be able to improvise with what you got. 

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      Oh my goodness thank you so much!

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      Thanks so much Jose for posting this, it took some time to put the ebooks on my Kobo reader but it was 100% worth it.

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      Thank you for sharing! Are they printable?