Today in history – March 18 – The New London School explosion and why natural gas has added odors

Today is the anniversary of one of the worse disasters in US history that happened in Texas in 1937. Sadly, most people have never heard of it. It’s the reason you can now smell when there’s a gas leak. 



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      OHG, What is scary is that our vast “education” program teaches very little.

      Yes, the rotten eggs alert. Didn’t know origins from the Texas tragedy.

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      Thank you for sharing this piece of history with us. That sure was a tragedy and was sad to read, but informative and educational.

      I hope you don’t mind that I edited the title to make the point of the post clearer for other people. You’re welcome to edit it more.

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        Thanks Gideon!

        Yes, it was very sad. I’ve been to the museum and I cried pretty much through the whole tour. 

        One interesting side note. I see preppers talking a lot about martial law. The article doesn’t really mention that the governor declared martial law after the explosion. This is actually the 2nd time this area was under martial law within 6 yrs. When the East Texas oil field was discovered in 1931 during the worst part of the Great Depression, people literally came from everywhere. Law & order basically went out the window. The military was sent in to restore order. 

        I think it’s good to remember that as crazy as things seem now, there really have been times that were crazier. BTW, not trying to make a political statement. 🙂