The Everyday Grommet (humor)

I recently received a mailed catalog listing educational courses on a wide range of topics available for purchase. I flipped through the pages, skimming the titles. One caught my eye — “The Everyday Grommet.”

Hmmm, I thought, that sounds interesting. I didn’t know there were everyday grommets and special grommets. Imagine my disappointment when I read the title more carefully — “The Everyday Gourmet.”  😉  I give credit to Ubique for giving me grommet brain.

Have you ever caught yourself making assumptions or reading something wrong because prepping was on your brain?


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      Not because prepping was on  the brain but because my brain today ain’t what it used to be.  Throw in hard of hearing, and it is comical the things I think my wife is telling me.  🙂

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      Good morning Seasons 4,

      Yes !

      About an hour ago was reading today’s pulp Washington Post and a headline over a half page article got me to mentally readjust my schedule for this long holiday weekend so I can add salt to a group member’s well house.  The partner would be immediately flying to Greece in re the US “quiet” presence in the eastern Med. 

      I am supersaturated with hurrican prep while fatigued and working at ~ 15-20% usual level.

      The headline did not refer to Greece but rather to a national domestic political matter.

      Not to discuss but the headline is:

      “Top lawmakers condemn Greene for remarks on masks”

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      I don’t think that this hasn’t happened yet. It is possible I don’t remember because preparedness thinking occupies a lot of my brain 🙂

      Your “Everyday Grommet” is very funny. It triggered Muppet brain for me because I thought Grommet was also a Muppet character and a handy fastener.

      I must now give Bob credit for giving me stapler brain after reading his post on “Fema’s latest shelter in place program.”