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Just a heads up. I have 2 people in my family who are over-the-road truck drivers for one of the big carriers and both have been sitting still waiting on load assignments for the last 4 days in different parts of the country. Just 3 months ago, they were being pushed to the maximum on hours because they couldn’t keep up with demand…but nearly over night, demand evaporated. There’s an economic storm coming and the “experts” seem to be divided/unaware about it. 


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      There’s a supply shortage on the way due to China’s messy transition in COVID strategy from “zero COVID” to “let er rip”. Everyone in China is getting sick at the same time. Sick people can’t work, so their manufacturing output plummets.

       I’ve been warning about this in news threads since early December. I’m expecting the problem to last 2-6 months and affect anything made in China. If you need anything made in China, buy it now. Prices are already rising but they’ll go higher.

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        A friend works in Shanghai and I can verify this.

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        My information is only from news reports and social media. What’s your friend’s impression of this?