suture-free wound closure kit

As a family doc, I’d recommend having your home first aid kit well-stocked. It comes in handy for dealing with minor injuries or unexpected situations, especially with active boys around. Consider tossing in some suture-free emergency wound closure devices. They’re a gamechanger – no stitching required, super simple to use. Perfect for kids who aren’t big fans of needles!


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      Welcome to The Prepared, KarlaW!

       I like the idea of closing up cuts to prevent scar formation. I also notice the guide on wound closing recommends leaving wounds open in most cases, to reduce the odds of infection. Any thoughts on this tradeoff?


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      Those are neat! I didn’t know those were on the market now.

      I use butterfly closures, though in my experience, they usually can’t grab the skin well the first time, and might have to reapplied, but they’re extremely cheap through care well.

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        Oh, for sure! Senvok closures are a real upgrade. They’ve got way better stickiness compared to regular butterfly closures.  But for small cuts, butter closures are enough : )