Survival Drill – Escape from quarantine

You are working in a large drug manufacturing complex when a a virus escapes. The facility is quarantined. Can you find the anti-viral drug and escape before you are infected?

We’ll be playing this Endure-style game on Friday, Oct 14, at 8pm CST / 9pm EST. No experience needed – anyone can join. Come 15 minutes early if you need help getting setup, especially with Discord’s audio chat.

Try to arrive on time, but it’s still possible to join after the game has started. Players arriving late will start at a disadvantage and will have some inventory items chosen for them.

Endure is about being in the wrong place at the wrong time and surviving in a harsh situation. You are not a hero – just a regular person trying to deal with a bad situation. And you’ll be part of a team of TPers trying to get through it together.

Optional: Create a Character

Endure characters have a background (who are you), an asset (skill or knowledge), and a trouble (weakness, disability, or flaw). You can create a character based on yourself, create a fictional character, or accept a pre-made character when you arrive.

Join us on Discord, find more information in the “#prepper-chat-night > Game Night” thread, and let us know you’ll be joining.


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      As the Judge (like a dungeon master) I encourage anyone to join and you don’t need to know how to play, I will guide you through that. If you just want to watch please do! Also you can decide to be on or off camera.

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      Our adventure will take place in a drug manufacturing complex. Here’s a video that shows what such places are like.


      EzlyAmuzzed created this scenario and will host our game this Friday. So far players include Gideon, Sethmokami, and me. If you’d like to join, come chat with us in Discord.

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        That was a good video showing the various rooms and equipment we might be encountering. Reminds me of a James Bond movie, trying to escape a factory or something. Maybe I’ve been playing too much Goldeneye 007 on the N64 lately.

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      Study hint for our upcoming game: Consider reviewing this guide on civil unrest. You’re not the only person trapped in this situation, and you need to be ready for how others might react to the combination of disease outbreak and forced quarantine.

      How to prepare for and survive civil unrest 

      One more person, Gabo, has joined the game for this Friday. If you’d like to join as well, or even if you’d like to hang out and watch, come chat with us in Discord.

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      One more day until the game starts: Friday at 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern.

      Today’s tip: We’ll be dealing with a viral outbreak in an environment that has great equipment available for virus protection. Learn more about the available equipment in TP’s guide to gas masks.


      And don’t forget to join us on Discord in the prepper-chat-night channel, where you’ll find some more hints about Friday’s game.

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      Tonight at 6pm Pacific/ 9pm Eastern we are starting our game night!

      There still is room if anyone wants to join and if you have no idea what we are talking about and just want to come have fun or even if you just want to sit and watch us all play feel free to!

      Let me know if you need help with anything, but here’s the link to the Discord if you haven’t joined already.

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      The game starts in less than an hour, at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern. Join us on Discord and let us know if you’re there to play or to watch. 

      Screen Shot 2022-10-14 at 8.12.27 PM

      We’ll be in the voice channel 15 minutes before the game starts to help you with Discord’s audio system if it’s your first time.

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      “Pathogen containment failure in building C. Anyone in building C without protective gear is already dead. National guard is on the way to enforce quarantine…”

      Panic erupted in the lunchroom before the announcement had even finished. Everyone rushed towards the exits. Almost everyone…

      Latasha (Eric) tried desperately to move with the crowd and avoid getting trampled, but ended up with a badly sprained ankle. Dmitri (Gideon) just continued eating his lunch, and was irritated that his soup was spilled by his panicking coworkers. Aaron (Seth) flattened against a wall and managed to avoid the crowd entirely. When they found themselves alone, the three friends decided to work together. They would find protective gear, enter building C, and find the antiviral so that everyone could go home safely.

      After hours of searching, the three friends had found enough protective equipment to let only one person enter building C. They now face a difficult decision. Do they split up and race to get the antiviral as quickly as possible? Or do they keep searching, in hopes of staying together, and risk succumbing to exhaustion as they delay?

      Want to see what happens next? Or even join the team? Join us on Discord this Saturday in the Game Night thread.

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        Great summary! Looking forward to playing with you all this Saturday. If anyone else wants to join or just watch us play, you are welcome to!