Stand ‘n Plant Seeder – an easy way to plant your garden

I love to garden, but due to a bad back & arthritic knees, I don’t get up & down so well anymore.  This is especially a factor when I plant my garden seed.  When I do so, I plant many extra seed, so as opposed to planting say the recommended 6-8″ apart, I plant seed every 2-3 ” apart.  That gives me a safety net if some don’t germinate.  It is easy to thin once they have grown a bit plus if I have a section where few plants don’t come up, I can transplant from one section to the bare section… using my Hori-Hori knife.  That is a lot of up & down, so a few years ago I purchased the Stand ‘n Plant seeder, which costs $55 and it is worth every penny.  It is simple but effective.  https://www.standnplant.com/index.php/seeder

Here is a pic of it standing in my corn bed.  Notice I run a string to keep the rows straight.


To operate, you plunge it into the ground, drop a seed into the top, squeeze the handle to open up the bottom & release the seed, lift up, cover the hole with your foot… and repeat.  I find it easier on the mechanism to pull the unit out of the ground a bit before squeezing the handle.  That way there is less tension on the strap, as it doesn’t have to push aside the soil.

Drop the seed into the top.


Here is the squeeze handle.  Not really a handle, as you are just squeezing the strap.


When you squeeze, it opens the hinged bottom.  Note, you can also put in small plants as opposed to just seed.



Here is a video from their website


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      Even if you are young and spry, that thing is fast and effective. I can see it definitely being worth the money.

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        It most certainly is worth the money.

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      I hope you don’t mind that I added a bit more to the title to explain a bit more about what this product is. Thanks for sharing this great post!

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        Of course I don’t mind.  I find this site to be a safe place for us preppers to pass on info without getting into political fights as seen on other boards.  This is your sandbox & I’m happy to be allowed to play.  🙂

        I’ve been doing this a while and have made many errors & mistakes along the way.  I simply try to pass on my experiences so that maybe others don’t end up making the same mistakes I’ve made.  Prepping can be a very fun and enjoyable way of life… especially if you get outside and learn to live with nature.  IMO, gardening is the highest form of prepping.

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        I love all of your posts about gardening, and hope I can do a bit here this spring. 

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        I hope so too.  I’ve got my snow pea & English pea seeds ordered and on the way to me.  They will go in the garden in about a week or so, after this next cool spell passes.  Next weekend it is gonna get near single digit lows, so will plant after that passes.  If it kills my collards, I’ll replant new ones in a few weeks too.