Some very interesting assorted YT vids closely associated with Prepping



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      All right Bill, I have Engineer775 on my list too.

      Will is also a great resource for DIY solar

      I’ve recommended Low Tech Institute before

      City Prepping has a wide perspective on events, common sense advice and doesn’t get political.

      And for the true home handyman

      Seriously, there are lots of others. I’d say 95% are political provocateurs looking to horn in on a little of Fox’s ad dollars. Most are just doom scrolling for dollars, gun influencers (shills), gold bugs and amazon affiliates, etc. That’s fine when things are calm but the last thing I need when I get all the doom I can handle in the MSM is to hear someone shouting “THIS IS IT!!!” 

      I find better content searching on “homestead” than either prepping or survival. Though I do love some of this

      Anyway, I try to be careful scrolling, LOTS of disinformation out there. Especially if I feel something really pushing my buttons! Temper anything you hear online with a good helping of fact-checking on MSM.

      [Edit: To not derail this thread I’ll just delete the Allsides stuff. Believe what you like.]
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        Hey pops, I have no time for the Doom is Nigh types of any flavour who appear to spend more time attacking political opposites than looking for ways to prep.

        I do like the practical science / skills DIY stuff a lot.

        May I make one polite point, The BBC can be seen as many and various things, But Middle ground is not among them. Even its last Director General admitted it has a very strong left wing bias, Its attempt to attack and discredit the BREXIT campaign is legion.

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        Thank you for the Red Green reference and the slightly more pragmatic recos.

        I would caution that these charts tend to be, shall we say, interesting and usually less scientific than advertised. For example, counting CNN as very left when it is ruthlessly neoliberal, or counting CNN in the same general category as Jacobin or The Intercept, is, er, rather dubious. 

        One thing that I’ve found remarked upon by some on the left in recent years is that the higher tier money/business publications are often more brass tacks and facts-focused than some of the others. The Financial Times coverage on Ukraine, for example, has been really good, and WSJ also tends to be quite solid.

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      Townsends is one of my favorite YouTube channels. They deal with 18th century ways of cooking, building, and living which all of us can learn from in many ways.