Some basic disaster alert news sites

Good morning,

A couple of days ago was discussing with LBV of New Zealand, their current major alert re floods and evacuations.

Had mentioned that “… had been following … “.

News like the New Zealand emergency is not something I sought scanning the world news.  I just have some automatically-generated emails from web sites I enrolled in (all no-cost). Much can be learned by following our industry news on these events.

Here’s some sites I’m involved with:

–  relief web – This is a UN office for coordination of humanitarian affairs. Surfing around their overall site will introduce one to the varios and many responder organizations.  

–  Devex . com – This site provides much news re disasters and the tangents like governmental funding.

Both above sites do have a clearly allocated space on the political spectrum. Please avoid the politics and just keep up with the locations, countries and types of disasters. The UN’s “relief web” site is NYC-based.  Devex is based in Washington, D.C.

Not a responder type site but my favorite for “real world operations” is – insurance journal . com – . These are the folks who work the real resiliency matters, the insured claims and business commentary to the authorities. It is my favorite.


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