Some basic disaster alert news sites

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A couple of days ago was discussing with LBV of New Zealand, their current major alert re floods and evacuations.

Had mentioned that “… had been following … “.

News like the New Zealand emergency is not something I sought scanning the world news.  I just have some automatically-generated emails from web sites I enrolled in (all no-cost). Much can be learned by following our industry news on these events.

Here’s some sites I’m involved with:

–  relief web – This is a UN office for coordination of humanitarian affairs. Surfing around their overall site will introduce one to the varios and many responder organizations.  

–  Devex . com – This site provides much news re disasters and the tangents like governmental funding.

Both above sites do have a clearly allocated space on the political spectrum. Please avoid the politics and just keep up with the locations, countries and types of disasters. The UN’s “relief web” site is NYC-based.  Devex is based in Washington, D.C.

Not a responder type site but my favorite for “real world operations” is – insurance journal . com – . These are the folks who work the real resiliency matters, the insured claims and business commentary to the authorities. It is my favorite.


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      Now I know your secret to finding all these good resources and news articles! 😉

      Keeping an eye and ear open for what’s happening in the world is a valuable source of intel. Even if you don’t think that some disaster in Russia will apply to you very much, you can see how it was handled both by civilians affected and the government reaction. This can get your mind wrapped around what possibly might happen to you in a similar circumstance.

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        Good evening Robert,

        Appreciated reading your favorable review.

        I try to share with other preppers some pertinent material I’ve worked with.