Sharing and seeking useful PDFs and links

For over a year I have been compiling a document of useful links, articles, videos, websites, and most of all documents. The point is to have an organized catalog of useful resources or articles I might want to read again later. It also makes it easier to share resources with other people. All the PDFs I link to I have also backed up on my own hard drives and a flash drive I keep in my BOB. I have also been working on printing some of them.

Here is that document if any of y’all are interested:


I would also love any suggestions for links I should add, I am especially interested in PDFs, especially for topics that have little or no coverage in my document.


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      Awesome to see an article by The Prepared as the first one on your list!

      Taking a quick look at your compilation there, you seem to have a very good list of resources. I look forward to looking through them more and seeing what I can learn. Thanks for taking the time to share your hard work.

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        Glad you have found it interesting! 

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      This has to be one of the largest list of PDFs on the topic: https://ps-survival.com/

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        Dang! That is a big list of PDFs! Thanks!