Services to help you prep?

Are there any existing companies that exist to help people prep?


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      Yes, but they tend to be smaller one- or a few-person consulting shops that work regionally or in a certain speciality (such as bunkers). Don’t know that I could easily make a list given how fragmented (and stealthy) they tend to be.

      What were you picturing… something like a one-on-one mentor who helped you along the way? Someone to give you a full plan you execute?

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      Would love to see some overall strategy and crash course service providers… for busy folks that are capable of the 100+ hours research but hard to find with other obligations and are willing to trade some money for the shortcuts!

      I’m less aware of who’s out there but seems like you need to know what speciality (bunkers, self defense) you want and then you can find experts to pay

      *caveat: I’m nowhere near as in the know as site staff