Self-care in a pandemic stressed world


Good afternoon,

This article has some good points to get through this somewhat new environment – especially those working from home.

I think it’s a valuable tip listed in 2. to start one’s day … whenever one’s day starts. Mine starts early even prior to the Greenwich meridan waking up … .”with things that we enjoy…”. We preppers can survive the rattle snakes and more deadly mosquitos but it’s the STRESS showing up in the many reports: medical, insurance, all of ’em. Can’t think of exceptions.

Number 3 is understood by some of us – especially senior citizens who did not start out this journey of life with the web. What is deemed “news” is frequently enough an opinion article.

Place max time into health, safety and preparedness.


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      Hello Bob! I’ve been working at home since most of the pandemic and it sure has been a change for me and this article hits home for me and is a good reminder that there is always more I can do for my mental well being.

      #1 on that list of setting clear boundaries between work and home is something I am still struggling with. I tend to just always be working as soon as I wake up until I go to bed and it has lead to burnout. I have been trying to set ‘office hours’ for myself but I tend to be worrying about if I’m doing a good enough job and always have work on my mind to try and sort things out even when I’m in the shower or cooking a meal. 

      In regards to #2, when I exercise or set aside some personal time for something fun I tend to have a better day. 

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        Good morning Robert,

        Glad to learn article has relevance.

        Of course all this stuff involving change takes time to impliment.

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      Totally agree with your statement:  “What is deemed “news” is frequently enough an opinion article”.   I am watching less new and reading less news on purpose and it is a help not to be smashed over the head with “The Sky is Falling” every ten minutes.

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        Good morning Wildfireexpert,

        I so clearly remember the Club of Rome !

        The sky is falling, we’re running out of oil, we’re running out of food, we’re running out of ………. but they didn’t evacuate Rome for better environs like Libya.

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      Thanks Bob.

      I’ve been self employed for many years, worked from home for over 20. The thing I first did at home was to continue a normal routine as if I was heading to the office. Get dressed just the same, eat breakfast, kiss the wife… then walk to the back room/office.

      My reasoning was more a fear of my own tendency to goof off, procrastinate, fiddle. I wanted to make sure I kept up a “work habit.” Over time I’ve become a little more casual because, turns out, I always get my stuff done. 

      But I have one rule, the cell phone goes to Do Not Disturb on a set schedule. only family, friends—”favorites”—ring through. My “office hours” are M-F, 9a-3p, period

      Oh, and no games on my work machine, LOL

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        Good afternoon Pops,

        Well received.

        Plus also my “Thanks” for finding value in some of the articles I post here at TP.