Review of Juan Pablo’s book THRIVE

Holy mole! Talk about a comprehensive book! I learned something about survival on virtually every single page. I have dozens of books on survival but this one takes the cake for every topic. If you are considering staying in the wild, this is the book for you.


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      I liked watching Juan Pablo on the Alone tv series, he had a different approach to survival in the show than I’ve ever seen before. 

      Would you consider this book a good reference guide that people can refer back to often or once you read it, you pretty much know everything he talks about?

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        Yes, it’s a good reference book. He tries to cover every topic you need to know for long-term wilderness survival, teach as much as he can on these topics, and also provide useful reference material.

        As Juan Pablo put it in the preface, “If I could carry only one book on survival, what information and advice would it contain?” Juan Pablo did his best to write that book.

        I’m still reading and will post more when I’m further into the book. My impression so far – it’s very well done.