Reuse wet N95?

I’ve switched up my workout routine in the gym and when I leave my N95 is soaked with my sweat.  If I let it dry for a few days is it safe to use again?


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      Yes, it should be fine after drying. Your biggest issue there will be the build up of oils over time. I would wrap it in a paper towel while drying so that some of the oil will transfer over to the paper towel that you can just throw away.

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        Thanks, Eric!

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      You’ll want to avoid using soap or alcohol on the mask as that will decrease it’s lifespan and longevity. Try and let it completely dry between uses, rotate through a few masks over the week to allow for any bacteria to die off 

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        Stronger statement on that one: Any N95 exposed to soap or alcohol is no longer an N95. Just toss it.