Recommendations for Worksheets or Planning Sheets?

I admit it, I’m a list person. I like writing everything down and having it neatly organized in a binder. Logically, I know that apps and spreadsheets (which are totally my work life) are more efficient and more easily updated, but still, I get a thrill from actually checking a box or writing out a plan. Before I go all Type A and recreate the wheel – does anybody have recommendations for good preppier printables? Checklists are easy to find, but also looking for scenario evaluation and threat assessment. Something along the lines of “I live in this area, my threats are xyz, threat y has the highest probability, threat x is less probable, but also requires less prep, threat z has low probability, but requires high prep effort.”


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      [raising hand] I’m a list person, too. I need to keep everything organized because it helps me get a better feel for what’s done, what’s not done, etc. I think a very general “ToDo” list would be great; however, I get the impression that a lot would just be subjective.

      I’ve turned to trusted people and a shared spreadsheet. For now. I’ve found that doing so enables me to organize and get feedback from others -which can be invaluable when they mention something you may have overlooked.

      As to threats, I am still in the planning phases of creating a post for the forum about threat modeling and how the concept of threat modeling can help each of us to better evaluate our own preparedness for general and specific scenarios. I figure, once the concept of threat modeling is understood, the better we can all prepare…

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        UPDATE: I’ve just submitted my Introduction to Threat Modeling post for anyone interested.

        Also, an additional comment. Although I’m a list person and think communication is critical between household members and teamers, I also recognize that having shared lists becomes a vulnerability from an OPSEC perspective if they fall into the wrong hands. Just something else to consider…

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        Thank you! Looking forward to checking it out!

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      If it would be useful to you, I have an emergency communications plan that I’m happy to share. It’s a procedure my wife and I have agreed to follow if we get separated during a catastrophe (most likely a severe weather event or civil unrest):

      • There are instructions on how we should try to reach each other. It has a primary plan plus fallback plans, e.g. if we can’t reach other directly within an hour, we try communicating through a family member who lives on the other side of our metropolitan area, and if that doesn’t work we fall back to communicating through a family member who lives out of state (and hopefully out of whatever disaster we are in).
      • There are instructions for when and how often to call & text, what to do if the phone battery gets low, and when to move to the fallback plans.
      • There are instructions for where we should meet, e.g. try get back to the house if possible and what the alternate locations are.
      • It has the cell and landline phone numbers of the people we need to reach, as well as a couple of numbers of trusted friends.
      • It has frequencies of local radio stations (AM and FM) for getting local news updates.

      I like the peace of mind from knowing what my wife will try to do and where she’ll be headed in the event we are separated.

      We don’t have children living with us, nor do we live in an area prone to earthquakes or wildfires, so there’s nothing specific to those situations. But it could be a good jumping-off point for you.

      The plan is amalgamation of advice from a couple of books, so I won’t take credit for it. But I did create the document so there are no restrictions on sharing it. If you would like a copy, let me know and I’ll figure out a place to post it.

      – WS

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      The Provident Prepper has some fantastic action plan worksheets, broken down by topic— click through for PDFs:

      The Provident Prepper Action Plans

      I’m very lazy about printing things but I’m planning on using their critical document worksheet to get my documents in order

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        Thanks for sharing this.

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      I started cataloging all of the checklists I use here.