Prepping with bad eyesight

I won the genetic lottery when I inherited absolutely terrible eyesight from my Dad’s side of the family.  I mean TERRIBLE.  Without my contacts or glasses, I couldn’t drive, couldn’t do just about anything that wasn’t 1 foot in front of my face.  

From a preparedness perspective, not being able to see because I lost / broke my glasses or ran out of contacts is kind of a big deal!

Wondering what others in the community with bad eyesight have done to ensure they aren’t stuck in a situation without the ability to see clearly?

Also from a get home / bug out bag perspective – what should I have in there for this?  An extra set of eyeglasses?  A backup pair of contacts & travel eye contact solution?  Potentially both?  I’m thinking what if a contact pops out while heading home on foot in a crisis?  What if I fall and break my back up glasses?

Should I just save up and get my vision “permanently” corrected as part of my preparedness strategy?  That’s kind of what I’m leading towards.


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