Prepping Holiday Gifts

I aim to get the same gift for everyone on my list which makes my shopping simple (as long as I can come up with it!). This year’s item is headlamps.  We had a power outage for a few hours just last week when I had a house full of family visiting so it will be clear how useful it is.  There are many price points and options for kids as well. 

I also made some Triage strips for myself and a CERT buddy (like these).  

Are you giving anything prep-related for the holidays?  


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      Corrected link for rapid triage ribbon module (CERT buddy?):


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        That’s them.  Sorry my copy/past didn’t work.  And my CERT buddy is just a friend who is also CERT certfied.  No special term there 🙂 

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      Don’t follow the “traditional” time lines for presents, but have gifted varied prep items.
      One year I bought  2 doz bulk back packs and made BOB’s for friends and family.  They contained some shade blankets, rain gear, water purification tabs, lifestraw, waterproof matches in a recycled medication bottle which also had some fishing line and hooks wrapped in butcher paper, can opener, clean pair of socks, mini first aid, playing cards or some other sort of toy/game, some other stuff I can’t remember.  
      Last year after we got our Harvest Rite Freeze Dehydrator, I sent out care packages of food – dried fresh fruit and veggies, meals like stews and soups, dried meats and treats.

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        That’s some effort for great gifts.  Nice!

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      On the other side – I received a WaterBOB as a gift this year.  This is a nice augmentation to the water stored outside.  Definitely would be used if we get warning about an upcoming water outage or risk of contamination.  It’s a one-time use so is a bit pricy to use for every heavy storm that may overwhelm water treatment facilities.