Police Officers and the IFAK


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I’m posting this link for 2 reasons. Nick Miller has a clearly written article that can explain some terms to the private citizen prepper.  For example, he tells what that Israeli “bandage” is. He tells of the windlass tourniquet and it’s benefit. The other reason is that at the end of article, at absolute bottom of link, is info on the EMT website.  It can be valuable to surf around some of the topics for exposure purposes.

Ref the article, it’s a little depressing not to be saturated with other articles about LEOs not working alone. Recreational SCUBA divers are told never to dive alone. These is a principle involved.

Somewhere at TP.com had read it’s not critical for private citizen preppers to have IFAKs stocked with the more elaborate medical products such as hemostatic gause.  Completely understand. Here, my purpose to just to expose newcomers to terms and concepts.

I do not know how much discovery was required to determine that a US ammo pouch was bulky compared to other pouches also around.

Over the years I’ve met some EMTs and Paramedics who performed medical aspects not too different than physicans out in the sticks, thorns and coastlines.


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      Many, if not most of the officers of the PD I used to work for carried a CAT on their belt. Although many of them were not staged properly how they should have, and had the velcro time stamp covering the belt. So if they needed to deploy it, that would be just one more step that they would have to take to apply a tourniquet. 

      And then I believe that they all carried IFAK, first aid gear, fire extinguisher, and some other rescue gear in their cars.

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        Good afternoon Robert,


        I’m convinced that too much is demanded of LEOs.

        Carrying stuff in the vehicle is appropriate. Helping someone in a dwelling: understand. On the side of a road …… it’s already so dangerous !

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      Good afternoon Bob,

      Great link and thank you for the info it contains on assorted first aid supplies. It is a well written article.

      My husband had to treat a sucking chest wound with a bread bag and tape. The person lived. 

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        Good morning Ubque,

        That bread bag and tape worked super !

        He gets my congrats.