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Gideon, I dont know if video links is permitted.Please remove if not.

Water is the one essential we cannot have enough of as a resource, and personally I think THIS video is probably one of the best and most informative I have ever read. Please take time to view it.



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      Extra from the US   another endorsement for preppers to have water reserves and Berky filters.  “About 7 million people in Texas were told to boil their water or stop using it entirely

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        Thanks for the reminder! I just bought a backup pair of berkey filters. I do not want to have to boil all my water.

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      Videos are great as long as they apply to the topic and are appropriate. This video is both and can stay.

      Thanks for asking.

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      I turned off 2 minutes into the video. Either false information or this guy is seriously misinformed. All that sea water is easily converted into freshwater. We do it here in Australia, large ocean going ships do it. Wherever it rains you have a supply of free fresh water, simply by installing a tank. Just like mine:


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        Downunder, how big is your tank?

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        The tank in the photo is 15,000 litres. I have 5 others, 2 x 5000 litres, 1 x 3000 litres and 2 x 1000 litres. After I build a house of the property in the photo  a main tank of 110,000 litres will be installed. 

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        Doesn’t desalinating water take quite a bit of energy? You aren’t able to just use a filter but need to pretty much boil and distill it.

        The process seems pretty simple, but the energy requirement seems like quite a lot.

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        I believe it does use a bit of energy, but if a cargo ship can manage it…

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        Desal is very energy hungry , its the most expensive means of making fresh water  and where the plants are its very bad for the seas as the plant returns 6% saline to the seas 3% thus killing all the marine life near the plant.    Evoporation techniques have been used for centuries in Arab and far eastern countries with plenty of sun to evap the water leaving only salt behind which is used for other stuff and not returned to the sea. So Cal is among the world leaders along with Arab states into trying to reduce Desal costs. 

        Two ways to Desal sea water is Evap / Condense and Reverse Osmosis ( forcing water through a membrane at very high pressure separating the salt from the water) .

        Evap is only viable in very sunny areas, and RO is very energy hungry and bad for the environment.