(Official discussion) How to manually program a BaoFeng radio

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      Is there a way to unselect a ch from being scanned? Without using chirp?

      Thanks for this. With 3 different radios= firmware, using chirp for simple things can actually be more tedious. 

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        No, sorry. You need to use CHIRP for that.

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      You don’t have to go through all that to program a repeater.

      1. Set radio in frequency mode, type in the receive frequency.

      2. Store it via menu 27 in a free channel (display only a number, ch001 is occupied channel)

      3. In menu 13? Set the PL-tone.

      4. In frequency mode (you should still be in that mode) type in the transmit frequency and store it in menu 27 in the channel slot you used in step 2.

      5. Done

      No need to store the offset, go through the + or – deflection.

      In this way you can also easily program ham satellites that use VHF for up- and UHF for downlink or vice versa.

      John K5GT

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        I’m printing off your instructions on a small card to include with my radio as a quick reference. Thanks!