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      I finally got around to reading this article, then ordering the bars. Even though we’ve been actively prepping for 10+ years, I hadn’t heard of these. (It’s always interesting/rare to find something valuable to add to my kits — I find myself somewhere between embarrassed I didn’t know about it and excited to investigate something new 🙂 )

      I got 4 packages of the bars, 1 for each vehicle’s kit and 1 to open and try. As you described they taste fine. Completely unoffensive, like a mild flavored shortbread cookie. They were crumbly, and while the outside package was easy to open, the inside plastic around the individual bars was more of a hassle. I found I had to carefully cut open the plastic with a knife, and if I wasn’t careful enough the bar would tend to crumble — but if I succesfully could cut it and remove it the bar came out intact.

      Solid review Josh, and I believe it’s a valuable addition to emergency kits. It’s not something you’d grab to snack on if you missed lunch (though I guess you could). But if you really needed it, you’d be very happy it’s there — and it will remain viable, in a variety of conditions, for many years.

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      I tried a Mayday 2400 bar that was included as part of a ReadyAmerica survival kit.

      Summary: It’s a non-perishable cookie.

      I could live on this, but I wouldn’t feel well. Just like eating too many cookies. From the article, it sounds like other ration bars have the same issue.

      The subtle, apple cinnamon taste is okay. Not the best cookie I’ve ever eaten, but I could enjoy this as a snack.

      It’s one big block. There are indentations that help you to break it into six pieces. Those six pieces are still thick enough that I can’t wrap my mouth around and need to gnaw at the edge. I would prefer smaller pieces.

      The container is resealable like a ziploc bag. But if you open it to eat one piece, the remaining pieces should probably also be eaten fairly soon. I would have preferred individually sealed servings.

      It’s kinda messy. Little crumbs fall everywhere as I eat it.

      I can imagine choosing this for a vehicle kit just due to its durability. But I’m sticking with healthier options for my BOB.


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      Debbie Jenkins shared a thorough experience report on Datrex rations in “Living off a Datrex ration block for 2 days”.


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        Thanks, Eric! FWIW if anyone clicks on either the “View discussion in forum” grey button near the title, or scrolls at the very bottom to “Related discussions” , there’s a list of related forum or blog post, and Debbie’s post will show up!