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Hello all!

I’m in the process of looking for front seat and trunk organizers for my vehicle. As a reader of Shanna Swan’s Countdown (I found it here first!) I’m looking for non-PVC stuff that won’t off-gas in a hot vehicle in summer, and make me sick in the long term. Of course, nylon does this, but I understand that PVC is much worse.

Lo and behold, it doesn’t seem that I can find any of these nylon car organizers that aren’t PVC lined. For that matter, basically all potential BOBs seem to have PVC lining, too. 

So here it is: can you find anything nylon/tactical/MOLLE/Lord-knows-what that *doesn’t* have PVC? Inquiring minds want to know! 😐


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      “I’m looking for non-PVC stuff that won’t off-gas in a hot vehicle in summer, and make me sick in the long term.”

      I don’t know about PVC and toxicity, but maybe there’s a different way to look at this problem… Would it help if your car didn’t get so hot in the summer?

      I live in Florida, so I know the feeling of opening a car door and feeling that wave of hot air hit you in the face. But I also found a solution. Tinting the windows prevents the car from heating up. It’s all the benefit of parking in the shade without the trouble of actually finding shady parking spots.

      Check out this thread where I spoke more about car window tinting. You’ll also find alternatives there such as carports.


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        Thank you. Is it cost-efficient even now, with inflation?

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        “Is it cost-efficient even now, with inflation?”

        My most recent pricing information is from four years ago. At yhat time I paid $700 to tint all my car’s windows with the most expensive “ultimate” package from TintWorld. I don’t know how their prices have changed over time, or whether their less expensive tinting options would also meet your needs.

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        Thank you.

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      Any takers? 🙂

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      This molle pack is made of nylon – no mention of PVC.

      Pathfinder Scout Pack

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      Not sure about the exact details of the manufacturing process, but REI carries nylon packing cubes and other gear that are fully “bluesign” certified. Maybe they are a step above most other items out there? (Some of their stuff seems to be only partially certified, and coated with DWR, which I avoid.)

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        Interesting, thanks!